Armando Alvarez

Armando Alvarez

Team Lead, Convex Marketing

About Armando

Armando Alvarez is a Team Lead at Convex Marketing, Inc, a leader in digital marketing. In addition to managing a team of email marketing specialists, he is responsible for monitoring engagement analytics, adjusting email marketing campaigns, and performing system administrative tasks. As a Team Lead, Armando works with each of his team members on the challenges they might face on any given day, mainly helping to technical and marketing challenges.

Throughout his work, Armando enjoys the process of understanding a challenge and overcoming it. It’s with this mentality that he views all of business: a series of challenges to solve. By working through these challenges, Armando enjoys learning every day, knowing that he is acquiring skills that will not only help Convex become a more successful company, but the the skills that will also help him create his own successful business someday.

About Convex Marketing

Convex Marketing is a Digital Marketing company based in Orange County, California. With a talented team of software developers and email marketing specialists, Convex separates itself from the competition with custom built software and unparalleled consulting ability. The combination of their expertise and ahead-of-the-curve software provides the best return on investment for their clients, which range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Their marketing platform can guarantee 100% inboxing to clients who want to reach their audience.

With advertising technology that is consistently updated to draw from over 1 billion email records, behavioral analysis and other key data, it ensures that brands will not only have their messages seen but will be seen by the proper audience.

Outside Convex

Outside of the office, Armando keeps himself busy. He has no shortage of interests in a variety of topics, ranging from the latest in tech news to watching documentaries about the universe. When he needs to unwind, he enjoys MMORPGS.

More than anything, he enjoys spending time with the best wife in the world, to whom he’s married for over ten years.