3 ways to Use Video in your Marketing Strategy

As technology becomes more and more prevalent in our lives, it becomes more and more important in regards to how we function and interact with our world. This sort of thinking is especially important when it comes to marketing — a campaign that takes advantage of the correct technology in the correct ways can reach far more customers than one that isn’t willing to use technology to its maximum. The introduction of video to marketing has changed the game even further and now, if used correctly, video can take your efforts to whole new heights. Here are 3 ways to use videos to their maximum potential!video marketing

  1. Use video to promote your content: Videos are easy to watch and engaging, if done properly. Use videos to promote the other content that you’ve created in a new and potentially entertaining way. If your content is dry and heavy, a well-constructed and funny video about it can go far towards helping people who never would’ve found your content otherwise to learn about it and engage with it. If your video is educational and entertaining, you’ll see the number of hits on your campaign go higher and higher!
  2. Live-stream comments and discussions: One of the best things about video is that it allows you to interact with your customers in real time. If you’re trying to build interaction, you can use live-streaming to hold a question and answer session in real time so that potential customers can ask questions and hear from you immediately. You can also use this opportunity to engage in general conversation about your product so that people can learn more about it and feel more comfortable with it.
  3. Use video as a content source: You can use other videos as sources for your content and for your videos. You can take a video and edit it and cut it so that it can be spread across various platforms with the express intent of creating more content and drawing attention to your product.

These are just three ways to use video in your marketing. Read here for more.

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